Puff 3D Techno

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Puff 3D Techno is a slightly elastic, one step application heat transfer material, with polyester backing, that expands when heat is applied.  The final appearance of the is a 3D effect similar to a screen printed ink.

This vinyl is suited for cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blends and spandex, not treated or dye sublimated.


  • Preheat the garment for 20 seconds
  • Mirror cut the material
  • Weed the exceeding material
  • Place the material on the garment with its polyester bakcing
  • Heat apply at the conditions shown below
  • Remove the carrier sheet cold


  • Wait at least 24 hours from application before washing
  • Washing resistance up to 104 degrees
  • Do not use bleach or other aggressive chemical agents
  • Not suitable for dry cleaning
  • Suitable for tumble dryer, synthetic cycle

Transfer Settings:

Manual Press:

  • 20 seconds at 284 F
  • Low pressure

Automatic Press:

  • 20 seconds at 311 F
  • Low pressure