Car Coaster

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Matte ceramic car coasters with a coating for sublimation.

Item specifications:
Sublimation Coating
Diameter: 2.56" (These will fit in the standard cup holder)
Notch on the side for easy insert

1. Print your photo/design on transfer paper through a sublimation printer. Please use true sublimation printer/ink so that bleeding is minimized.
2. Use heat tape to attach coaster to the photo. SMOOTH SIDE OF COASTER SHOULD BE IN CONTACT WITH PAPER. Press with light to medium pressure.

Heat your press to 385° Fahrenheit and press image on to coaster for approximately 1:30 (90 Seconds). If you are not getting a fully transferred image, increase time before you increase temperature.
4. Remove coaster from press, paper should be a golden brown color.
5. Remove coaster immediately. CAUTION: HOT!
6. Peel off paper, if any residue is left due to the paper sticking to the coaster, rub it with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol).