We’ll also send you a download confirmation email with a link to your purchase. Files are sent zipped. You will need to extract the files before using them. In some cases, you may need to download software that “unzips” the folder in order to retrieve your files. Once unzipped, you will see all of the different files that you purchased.

I can’t seem to find my download notification email.

First, check your spam or junk inbox. If you use Gmail, also check your Social and Promotions tabs.

Can I access my digital purchases from within my account?

Yes! To access your digital file(s), login and go to Account and look for the order.

To the right of the design, click on the Order #. This link goes to the Order page for all the files attached to your order. To the right of the design is a download arrow.  Click on arrow to go to Downloads page and then click on zip file.

There are generally no limits for when or how many times you can download a file. In most cases, you can access a file any time on your Account page, provided the transaction hasn't been canceled or removed.

I’m having trouble downloading my files.

If your computer is unable to open the file, it’s possible that you’re missing the program required to open the file type.

If you continue to have trouble, please contact us through the Contact Form.


Distribution of file in whole or in part, without express written consent, is strictly prohibited by law.